Would you like to skim across the waters on a powerboat, but are not sure what model would be ideal for you?There are several types of motorboats and powerboats. There is a wide range of vessels available on the market; smaller ones and super boats, watercrafts built from different materials, and driven by different propulsion systems. What is common in these boats is that they are motorized and do not have a sail that uses the wind to push them forward. We will now describe the different types of motorboats and explain what unique characteristics they have.

Why is motorboating fun?

Regardless of whether you are an adrenaline junkie or have a large family, you will definitely find the perfect model that satisfies all your needs. Skim across the waters with crazy speed and draw the attention of the people sunbathing on the beach, or just enjoy the sunshine yourself peacefully on the deck. Motorboats offer you the opportunity to access parts only available on the sea – you can explore all the hidden gems nature has to offer. Some models are designed for use in shallow waters so that you can approach or even dock on a small remote island.

Basic information

We distinguish the front part (bow) and the rear part (stern) of every powerboat and motorboat. Another part is the hull, which practically means the bottom of the boat, and there is also an upper part located above the hull. In addition to the ones mentioned above, every boat has its unique parts that all have a distinctive nautical name. Before delving into the topic of motorboat types, let us take a look at the basic components that constitute motorized vessels. The most advanced recreational motorboats are made of fiber-reinforced plastic, or in other cases, aluminum.

Motor boat types:

Powerboats are available in several shapes and sizes. The smallest recreational boats are vessels such as pod engine boats, inflatable or personal watercraft. Larger recreational vessels include motor yachts and the so-called mega yachts.

Bass boat

Bass boats are typically used for freshwater fishing. They have low freeboard and a flat deck. Bass boats are designed specifically for fishing on inland lakes and rivers. They are quite expensive due to their special equipment and high-performance engine.

Bay boat

These vessels have a low freeboard, and their history can be traced back to medieval fishing. They are designed for use in shallow waters and shores, and near the coasts. Thus, the fact that these vessels are usually used in saltwater is taken into consideration during construction. The boats are 18–24 ft long and are made of fiberglass.

Bow rider

Bowriders have an open bow area with a sitting area inside. They are typically 17–30 ft long. Bowriders are usually using the shaft drive or the outboard engine system. They are also regarded as family boats, but can even be used for fishing or watersports. They are a good choice if you are only getting acquainted with cruising, or are preparing for your first sea adventure.

Center console boat

Center console boats are 13–45 ft long. As the name suggests, the steering wheel and the navigation system are set in the middle. The open design helps fishermen walk along the deck. This modern construction allows the bow of the boat to emerge from the water when reaching a certain speed.


Cruisers are 21–45 ft long and have a small cabin in the bow. These cabins are designed as sleeping accommodations. They are typically large enough to provide room for a small kitchen and several beds.

Cuddy cabin

Cuddy cabin boats have a small cabin and a seating area in their bow. They are usually 22–30 ft long.

Deck boat

Deck boats have a wide beam and a V-shaped design, which provides greater performance in terms of speed. The open deck is suitable for recreation for couples and families. They have an outboard or sterndrive system and can be made of aluminium fibreglass . They are usually 25–35 ft long.

High performance boat

These powerboats are built for speed and performance. During construction, the emphasis is put on the appropriate weight proportions, which provide greater speed. They have cabins and seats for 2–6 passengers. These high performance motorboats have an inboard drive system, and are carefully designed for fast, easy and powerful transportation. They are ideal for racing or fast travelling. Their length is 25–60 ft.

Jet boat

Jet boats have a single or multiple jet propulsion systems instead of a propeller. They are very agile. The small, 14–24 ft longboats are mostly used for watersports.


In general, a Runabout boat is considered a small powerboat; they are 14–24 ft long. They are usually driven by an outboard or a sterndrive system. A Runabout is a multi-purpose vessel that is ideal for watersports or fishing.Read more about motor boat types

Rent a motor yacht and cruise around one of the popular yacht charter destinations

Mediterranean yacht itineraries

Day 1. Dubrovnik – Lopud 13.65 km (8.48 mi), Day 2. Lopud – Vieste (Italy) 170.26 km (105.79 mi), Day 3. Vieste – Manfredonia 42.31 km (26.29 mi), Day 4. Manfredonia – Barletta 47.31 km (29.40 mi), Day 5. Barletta – Molfetta 28.78 km (17.88 mi), Day 6. Molfetta – Bari 24.96 km (15.51 mi), Day 7. Bari – Bar (Montenegro) 213.70 km (132.79 mi), Day 8. Bar – Budva 29.02 km (18.03 mi), Day 9. Budva – Herceg Novi 35, 62 km (22, 13 mi), Day 10. Herceg Novi – Kotor 25.58 km (15.90 mi), Day 11. Kotor – Cavtat 65.19 km (40.51 mi), Day 12. Cavtat – Sobra 54.16 km (33.65 mi), Day 13. Sobra – Ston 27.46 km (17.06 mi), Day 14. Ston – Koločep – Dubrovnik 39.50 km (24.54 mi).motor yacht itinerary DubrovnikRead more Croatia yacht week, or choose from Croatia yacht routesDay 1. Rhodes – Ano Symi 45.66 km (28.37 mi), Day 2. Ano Symi – Mandraki 72.02 km (44.75 mi), Day 3. Mandraki – Livadia (Tilos Island)36.33 km (22.57 mi) , Day 4. Livadia – Chalki (Chalki island) 34.47 km (21.42 mi) Day 5. Chalki – Lindos 83.93 km (52.15 mi), Day 6. Lindos – Antony Quinn Beach 28.24 km (17.55 mi) Day 7. Antony Quinn Beach – Faliraki – Rhodes 17.14 km (10.65 mi).motor yacht itinearary RhodesRead more yacht week in Greece, or choose from Greek yachting destinationsDay 1. Barcelona – El Masnou 18.90 km (11.75 mi), Day 2. El Masnou – Mataró 13.84 km (8.60 mi), Day 3. Mataró – Calella 20.61 km (12.81 mi), Day 4. Calella – Santa Susanna 5.82 km (3.61 mi), Day 5. Santa Susanna – Malgrat de Mar 2.81 km (1.75 mi), Day 6. Santa Susanna – Blanes 6.45 km (4.01 mi), Day 7. Blanes – Lloret de Mar – Barcelona 70.12 km (43.57 mi). motor boat charter BarcelonaRead more Spain yacht holidays, or choose from Spanish yacht routes

Caribbean yacht itineraries

Day 1. Marsh Harbour – Little Harbour 24, 55 km (15, 25 mi), Day 2. Little Harbour – Abaco National Park – Sandy Point 97, 10 km (60, 34 mi), Day 3. Sandy Point – Wood Cay – Great Abaco 47, 96 km (29, 80 mi), Day 4. Great Abaco – Big Joe Downer Cay -Little Joe Downer Cay – South Riding Point 96, 70 km (60, 09 mi), Day 5. South Riding Point – Nunjack Cay – Green Turtle Cay 103, 35 km (64, 22 mi), Day 6. Green Turtle Cay – Treasure Cay – Man-O-War Cay / Guana Cay 28, 44 km (17, 67 mi), Day 7. Guana Cay – Pelican Cay Land & Sea Park – Elbow Cay – Marsh Harbour 53, 60 km (33, 30 mi). motor yacht trips BahamasRead more yacht trips in BahamasDay 1. English Harbour – Nonsuch Bay 18, 24 km (11, 33 mi), Day 2. Nonsuch Bay – Low Bay (Barbuda) 55, 26 km (34, 34 mi), Day 3. Low Bay – Coco Point (Barbuda)18, 41 km (11, 44 mi), Day 4. Coco Point – Dickenson Bay 52, 91 km (32, 88 mi), Day 5. Dickenson Bay – St.John’s 6, 34 km (3, 94 mi), Day 6. St.John’s – Jolly Harbour 13, 56 km (8, 42 mi), Day 7. Jolly Harbour – Carlisle Bay – English Harbour 20, 13 km (12, 51 mi).motor boat rental around AntiguaRead more Antigua yacht itinerariesDay 1. Road Town – Parham Town 9, 38 km (5, 83 mi), Day 2. Parham Town – Spanish Town (Virgine Gorda Island) 14, 02 km (8, 71 mi), Day 3. Spanish Town – Anegada 31, 11 km (19, 33 mi), Day 4. Anegada – Scrub Island 32, 34 km (20, 10 mi), Day 5. Scrub Island – Jost Van Dyke 25, 61 km (15, 91 mi), Day 6. Jost Van Dyke – Cruz Bay 13, 75 km (8, 54 mi), Day 7. Cruz Bay – Nanny Cay – Road Town 25, 25 km (15, 69 mi).BVI motor yacht yachtingRead more yacht week in British Virgin Islands, or choose BVI yacht routes

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